Understanding Hypochondria, Excessive Anxiety Against Disease

Hypochondria or hypochondriasis is an anxiety disorder for the disease. People who experience hypochondria believe that they have a serious or life-threatening disease. Yet when examined medically, actually the disease did not exist. Hypochondria are mental health problems that result from psychological responses that can occur occasionally, even continuously. This depends on the severity that occurs. Hypochondria can occur at any age, but early signs of symptoms are usually seen in adulthood, around 25-35 years. Various Causes of Hypochondria The cause of hypochondria is not yet clearly known. However, there are several factors that are considered to cause a person to experience hypochondria, including: Lack of understanding of diseases and sensations felt by the body, so assume what is felt is due to a serious illness. Having a traumatic experience of the disease as a child, so as an adult is very afraid of the sensations or various physical complaints experienced Having fam
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